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Have you ever wondered bout the different functions in your body? How do they work? What do they do? Here is a little health education about some of those very important functions. Plus, some fun links to more self-education health resources. Keep reading to the end to find out about a big surprise that’s on it’s way and how you can help!

Bun? Creatine? Learn about those and kidney function in this video.

Did you know that cholesterol can be good for you! Okay some cholesterol anyway. Find out which kind. Check out this video.

Do you know about blood pressure? Why is high blood pressure a bad thing? Check out this video to learn why.

How do you kidneys work? Learn all about this important and complex little organ.

We just learned about cholesterol. But where is it made? And who helps send toxins to the kidneys? Say hello to Mr. Liver! Learn more about him in the video below.

Other fun sites:

Places where you can find information about nutrition.

Dr. Gourmet

Choose my plate

A place were you can find trusted health information:

Medline Plus

Center of Disease Control and Prevention

What do you know about diabetes. Test your knowledge with is quiz from WebMD:

Diabetes quiz

That’s all for now folks! This is a little taste of the fun stuff that you’ll find on our soon coming resource page. There will be everything from links to videos on a wide variety of topics. Do you have any suggestions? What would you like to see on our resource page? Are there any health resources that you’ve found particularly usefully? Let us know in the comments!

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